Does your Surface Pro 4 tablet have an incessantly flickering screen? Microsoft recently announced a new Surface Pro 4 tablet replacement program.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets have been subject to criticism since their release, and one major point of criticism has been the screen flickering exhibited by the minority of Surface Pro 4 tablets. Microsoft offered no solutions—firmware-based or otherwise—to the screen flickering problem prior to the announcement of their new replacement program.

Microsoft suggests making sure your tablet has the latest Surface and Windows updates installed, and if the screen flickering persists, they will replace your Surface Pro 4 tablet free of charge. The only Surface Pro 4 tablets ineligible for Microsoft’s new replacement program are tablets that were either damaged by external causes, or already repaired by an unauthorized technician.

Microsoft’s new program replaces flickering Surface Pro 4 tablets with refurbished Surface Pro 4 tablets. If you have any questions about your Surface Pro 4 tablet, you can visit one of our four stores in the Kansas City area (Leavenworth, Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City). Otherwise, contact Microsoft’s customer support for questions about your flickering Surface Pro 4 tablet.

Consumers who have already had their flickering screens replaced will be offered a refund through Microsoft customer support.


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