The iPhone has revolutionized our lives and the way we live. These devices are the hub of our work and leisure lives, connecting us to friends, games, emails and apps in ways we never imagined possible a decade ago.

But when your iPhone isn’t working properly, it can be a disaster. We rely on our phones as part of everything we do, and if your phone is damaged or malfunctioning, you need quick help to get it back running again properly. That’s where The iGurus come in.

We’ve worked on every model of iPhone and can rapidly make the necessary logic board repair or replacement to get your iPhone working properly again, and we now offer the same fast service we offer our Kansas clients to customers nationwide. Is your iPhone no longer charging or does it fail to turn on? These are often symptoms of motherboard failure, but The iGurus team can make a full assessment and board replacement at our Topeka facility, allowing you to get your iPhone back up and running properly again.

Whether you have a 4-inch, 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone model – with or without force touch – we can replace the internal boards quickly and easily and ship your phone back to you fast to get you back on the go.

No matter your problem and no matter where you live, The iGurus team is standing by to help you with your iPhone issues. Get started with your repair request today by calling our Topeka location at 785-409-9106.