When your latest video game consoles need repairs, trust them to electronics experts. The repair technicians at iGurus in Kansas, Lawrence, Leavenworth and Topeka will bring your game consoles back to their original working condition and fix damages caused by impacts, overheating, software problems and faulty components. We work with all of the latest consoles, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii U and even accompanying handheld games like the Nintendo DS.

Video games consoles are filled with sensitive components and delicate software that can easily become damaged in a variety of ways. If your system is not working the way it used to, or has stopped working completely, it is important to take your system to an experienced electronics repair shop. We work with electronics of all types and we can fix nearly any problem that has slowed or stopped your console. Instead of buying a new system or letting your games go to waste, bring your system into our shop in Kansas, Lawrence, Leavenworth and Topeka for complete video game console repairs.

The problem may be as simple as dust build-up, a faulty wire, a sticky disk tray, or you may have a more complicated issue. Whatever video game console repairs you need, we can help. We currently work only with the latest systems, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U and Nintendo DS, and we do not service older systems. Call our shop at Lawrence, Leavenworth or Topeka and tell us what issue you are experiencing so we can provide you with more information.