Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 Update Comes With New Security Features

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Apple’s recently released iOS 11 update equips iPhones with a new security feature: USB Restricted Mode. This new features makes it more difficult to use a Lightning connection to access an iPhone’s passcode.

This means it’s much more difficult for people to access your iPhone using USB accessories unless the iPhone is unlocked using your passcode. More specifically, if your iPhone has been locked for over an hour, your iPhone cannot be accessed through USB accessories, but if your phone has been locked for less than an hour, it is susceptible to outside access through USB accessories.

In order to access iOS 11’s new security feature, first update your iPhone to iOS 11.4.1. After updating your iOS, go to settings, then choose “Face ID (Touch ID) & Passcode”. You’ll see a new option: “USB Accessories”. If you want to take advantage of iOS 11’s new security feature, leave the USB Accessories option in the “off” position. If you want to forgo iOS 11’s new security feature, toggle the USB Accessories into the “on” position.

If you have any further questions about iOS 11’s new security features, please visit one of your local iGurus locations in either Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, or Leavenworth.

Apple Releases Details About iOS 12

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At a June 4th keynote event, Apple announced the release of their iOS 12 developer beta. Along with announcing the release of iOS 12, Apple revealed details concerning iOS 12.

iOS 12 will bring with it a host of new features including group FaceTime. Group FaceTime allows for calls supporting up to 32 people. Another feature new to iOS 12 is Memoji, a customizable Animoji users can use in Messages and FaceTime. Shortcuts is a feature new to iOS 12 that enables users to automate app use, and activate apps using voice commands. Do Not Disturb at Bedtime fine-tunes iOS’ standard Do Not Disturb mode by letting users turn off notifications, and iOS 12 will now let users set a time for the duration of the Do Not Disturb mode.

Along with the wealth of quality-of-life improvements made to iOS 12, iOS 12 makes it easier for users to limit distractions and monitor phone usage. Screen Time is a feature new to iOS 12 that aggregates phone activity and phone usage in one convenient place, allowing users to see what they are doing on their phones and exactly how much time they are spending on their phones. Users can also restrict their own usage of apps with Screentime.

Besides new features, iOS 12 also brings with it performance optimizations. Apple says iOS 12 will make apps launch twice as fast, reduce the time it takes to access the camera, and make the keyboard display appear twice as quickly as it does in iOS 11.

If you’re interested in learning more about Apple’s iOS 12, the iOS 12 developer beta, or what all is new in iOS 12, visit one of your local iGurus locations in Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, or Leavenworth.

Comparing Apple’s Newest iPhone Models

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Have you been considering purchasing a new Apple iPhone, but have been unable to decide which iPhone is right for you? Apple has released a handful of different iPhone models in the last year—iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X—and it’s only natural to wonder what sets these new iPhones apart from each other. In order to make things easier for you, we have compiled in one table the simplified specifications of each new iPhone model.

iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7
Display 5.8″ Super Retina HD 5.5″ Retina HD 4.7″ Retina HD 5.5″ Retina HD 4.7″ Retina HD
Camera 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras 12MP Camera 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras 12MP Camera
Security/Access Face ID Touch ID Touch ID Touch ID Touch ID
Chip A11 Bionic Chip A11 Bionic Chip A11 Bionic Chip A10 Fusion Chip A10 Fusion Chip
Battery Can charge wireless, and lasts up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 7 Can charge wireless, and lasts as long as iPhone 7 Plus Can charge wireless, and lasts as long as iPhone 7 No wireless charging, but has up to 21 hours of talk time (13 hours of internet use) No wireless charging, but has up to 14 hours talk time (12 hours of internet use)
Video Recording 4K video at 24 fps (frames per second), 30 fps, or 60 fps 4K video at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps 4K video at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps 4K video at 30 fps 40K video at 30 fps
Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Height 5.65 inches
(143.6 mm)
6.24 inches
(158.4 mm)
5.45 inches
(138.4 mm)
6.23 inches
(158.2 mm)
5.44 inches
(138.3 mm)
Width 2.79 inches
(70.9 mm)
3.07 inches
(78.1 mm)
2.65 inches
(67.3 mm)
3.07 inches
(77.9 mm)
2.64 inches
(67.1 mm)
Depth 0.30 inches
(7.7 mm)
0.30 inches
(7.5 mm)
0.29 inches
(7.3 mm)
0.29 inches
(7.3 mm)
0.28 inches
(7.1 mm)
Weight 6.14 ounces
(174 grams)
7.13 ounces
(202 grams)
5.22 ounces
(148 grams)
6.63 ounces
(188 grams)
4.87 ounces
(138 grams)

If you are interested in learning more details about Apple’s new phones, or just have more questions, please visit one of our Kansas City area locations in either Lawrence, Topeka, Leavenworth, or Kansas City, Kansas.

Microsoft Will Replace Your Surface Pro 4

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Does your Surface Pro 4 tablet have an incessantly flickering screen? Microsoft recently announced a new Surface Pro 4 tablet replacement program.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets have been subject to criticism since their release, and one major point of criticism has been the screen flickering exhibited by the minority of Surface Pro 4 tablets. Microsoft offered no solutions—firmware-based or otherwise—to the screen flickering problem prior to the announcement of their new replacement program.

Microsoft suggests making sure your tablet has the latest Surface and Windows updates installed, and if the screen flickering persists, they will replace your Surface Pro 4 tablet free of charge. The only Surface Pro 4 tablets ineligible for Microsoft’s new replacement program are tablets that were either damaged by external causes, or already repaired by an unauthorized technician.

Microsoft’s new program replaces flickering Surface Pro 4 tablets with refurbished Surface Pro 4 tablets. If you have any questions about your Surface Pro 4 tablet, you can visit one of our four stores in the Kansas City area (Leavenworth, Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City). Otherwise, contact Microsoft’s customer support for questions about your flickering Surface Pro 4 tablet.

Consumers who have already had their flickering screens replaced will be offered a refund through Microsoft customer support.


Apple offers free Apple Watch 2 Repairs

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Similar to their new MacBook Pro battery replacement program, Apple now offers a free battery replacement service for 42-mm sized Apple Watch 2 devices. MacRumors was the first to report on Apple’s new Apple Watch 2 service. Watches eligible for a free battery replacement through Apple’s new service are watches that won’t power on, or watches with batteries that have expanded. Eligible devices will remain eligible for a free battery replacement for up to three years after purchase.

If your Apple Watch 2 won’t power on, or if the battery has expanded, visit Apple’s contact support page. From the contact support page, click on “Apple Watch”→”Battery, Power, and Charging”→”Bring in for Repair”, and proceed to schedule an appointment at an Apple store. If you have any questions about your Apple Watch, visit any of our four locations in the Kansas City area. You can find us in Lawrence, KS, Topeka, KS, Leavenworth, KS, and Kansas City, KS.

Apple Announces Free Battery Replacement Program for 13-inch MacBook Pros

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Apple recently released a statement announcing their new, free battery replacement program. If you follow Apple closely, this news may sound like déjà vu. Late last year Apple began offering free battery replacements for later model iPhones after news broke that Apple deliberately throttled the performance of older iPhones in their then newly-released iOS 11.

Apple’s new MacBook replacement program addresses the reports of expanding batteries found in 13-inch MacBook Pros (without touch bars). Using the link posted above, you can enter use to your 13-inch MacBook Pro’s serial number to see if your model qualifies for a free battery replacement. Apple offers a few ways for eligible MacBook Pro owners to access their free battery replacements:

  • Through an authorized Apple Service Provider
  • Through an Apple Retail Store
  • Through the mail via Apple’s Repair Center

Even if your MacBook Pro qualifies for a free battery replacement, Apple will not replace the batteries of any MacBooks with damage that would make a battery replacement difficult. If your eligible (but damaged) MacBook needs any repairs, or if you have any questions about battery repairs, you can visit any of our four locations—Kansas City, Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Topeka—in the Kansas City area.

New iOS 11.2.6 Update Provides iPhone Bug Fix

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Remember when just receiving a certain text message could crash your iPhone? There have actually been a few instances of such text message bugs throughout Apple’s history.

Apple’s first iPhone-crashing text message bug came in the form of a link which would crash your iPhone regardless of whether or not you clicked on the link. All it took was a text message including the link! This first bug was known as ChaiOS. Cute.

The next bug to crash iPhones was another text message exploit. If you were to send someone a white flag emoji, the number “0”, and a rainbow emoji in one text message, their iPhone would crash regardless of their reading the text.

Next, a certain string of Arabic characters sent as a text message was to blame for crashing iPhones. Again, whether or not you opened the text message, your iPhone would crash if you received a text message containing a particular set of Arabic characters.

Apple fixed all the aforementioned bugs, but a new iOS-crashing bug recently manifested. Displaying a specific character from the Telugu alphabet crashes devices operating on iOS 11, but Apple’s new iOS 11.2.6 update introduces a fix. iOS 11.2.6 prevents the crash bug initiated by receiving text messages containing the specific Telegu character.

You can now download Apple’s iOS 11.2.6 software update. If you have any further questions, please visit any of our stores in Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence, or Leavenworth, Kansas.

Apple offers consumers a preview of iOS 11.3

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Apple’s new iOS update, iOS 11.3, is slated for a Spring release, but the curious consumer may preview iOS 11.3 on Apple’s website. Here’s a rundown of what is new in the iOS 11.3 update:

Battery Usage
iPhone 6’s and above will feature a new setting allowing for iPhone owners to see if their iPhone batteries are in need of a replacement. If you’ve had problems with unexpected shutdowns, iOS 11.3 may be the solution. iOS 11.3’s solution to unexpected shutdowns is an update to the maximum performance management feature. iPhone users will not only be able to see if the power management feature is on, but now users will also be able to turn that feature on or off.

iOS 11.3 offers iPhone X users a new selection of animojis within the Messages app. A lion, a bear, a dragon, and a skull will all see their debut in the iOS 11.3 update.

ARKit 1.5
iOS 11 introduced augmented reality (AR) experiences to iPhone users. Along with iOS 11.3, ARKit 1.5 will be available to developers. ARKit 1.5 is a developers dream, allowing developers to map irregular surfaces and recognize vertical surfaces. ARKit 1.5 will also feature the ability to recognize and develop for 2D images. AR apps will even look much better than they did before ARKit 1.5 thanks to camera resolution and auto-focus optimizations.

Health Records
Health Records is a new feature that will be introduced in iOS 11.3. Through the Health app, iPhone users will be able to use the Health Records feature to access their available medical records from multiple healthcare providers. Some participating medical institutions will even go as far as to notify iPhone users of medication information, lab results, and health conditions.

A beta version of iOS 11.3 will be available for iPhone users in the Spring. Check back here at iGurus for further news regarding Apple’s iOS 11.3.

Apple cites a shortage of iPhone 6 plus batteries as reason for delayed battery replacement

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In December, Apple announced they planned to offer discounted $29 battery replacements for any iPhone 6 or above throughout 2019. The discounted price came as a result of customer uproar over Apple’s admission to slowing operation on older iPhones with each newer iOS update. Apple began offering the discounted battery replacements in late December, a week earlier than planned, but Apple’s discounted battery replacement service has already encountered a couple problems.

Initially, consumers with iPhone batteries able to maintain at least 80% of the original capacity were told they couldn’t get the discounted battery replacement because their batteries held enough of a charge. The problem was Apple never told consumers their batteries must be in a certain state in order to be replaced. Apple has since apologized and offers discounted battery replacements regardless of charge capacity.

Unfortunately, customers have encountered another problem with Apple’s discounted battery replacement offer.

High battery replacement demand has resulted in a shortage of iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s Plus batteries. Consumers seeking a discounted battery replacement for their iPhone 6 Plus will now have to wait until March or April in order to be able to get their batteries replaced in store. Consumers seeking a battery replacement for their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus will have to wait 1-2 weeks for a battery replacement.

Apple is still offering the discounted $29 price for battery replacement, but if the battery you want to replace powers either an iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus you will have to wait before you can access the $29 battery replacement.


Apple releases updates to stifle Spectre CPU exploit

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The recent discovery of Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs has given the tech industry quite the fright. It’s said most devices produced in the last 20 years are subject to the security flaws resulting from the Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs. Apple recently announced all iOS and Mac devices (except for iWatches) are affected by Meltdown and Spectre, and promised consumers an update fix would soon be on the way to protect devices from Meltdown and Spectre.

That update has arrived.

Actually, those updates have arrived. Apple released three updates today; an update for iOS, another for macOS, and an update for Safari. These updates protect devices from being exploited through the Spectre bug. Given that updates were released just days ago to protect consumer devices from Meltdown, Apple’s devices are now safer from Meltdown and Spectre attacks… as far as Apple is concerned. Whether or not further updates will be required to make Apple devices impervious to Meltdown and Spectre attacks is yet to be seen.


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