Apple’s recently released iOS 11 update equips iPhones with a new security feature: USB Restricted Mode. This new features makes it more difficult to use a Lightning connection to access an iPhone’s passcode.

This means it’s much more difficult for people to access your iPhone using USB accessories unless the iPhone is unlocked using your passcode. More specifically, if your iPhone has been locked for over an hour, your iPhone cannot be accessed through USB accessories, but if your phone has been locked for less than an hour, it is susceptible to outside access through USB accessories.

In order to access iOS 11’s new security feature, first update your iPhone to iOS 11.4.1. After updating your iOS, go to settings, then choose “Face ID (Touch ID) & Passcode”. You’ll see a new option: “USB Accessories”. If you want to take advantage of iOS 11’s new security feature, leave the USB Accessories option in the “off” position. If you want to forgo iOS 11’s new security feature, toggle the USB Accessories into the “on” position.

If you have any further questions about iOS 11’s new security features, please visit one of your local iGurus locations in either Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, or Leavenworth.

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