At a June 4th keynote event, Apple announced the release of their iOS 12 developer beta. Along with announcing the release of iOS 12, Apple revealed details concerning iOS 12.

iOS 12 will bring with it a host of new features including group FaceTime. Group FaceTime allows for calls supporting up to 32 people. Another feature new to iOS 12 is Memoji, a customizable Animoji users can use in Messages and FaceTime. Shortcuts is a feature new to iOS 12 that enables users to automate app use, and activate apps using voice commands. Do Not Disturb at Bedtime fine-tunes iOS’ standard Do Not Disturb mode by letting users turn off notifications, and iOS 12 will now let users set a time for the duration of the Do Not Disturb mode.

Along with the wealth of quality-of-life improvements made to iOS 12, iOS 12 makes it easier for users to limit distractions and monitor phone usage. Screen Time is a feature new to iOS 12 that aggregates phone activity and phone usage in one convenient place, allowing users to see what they are doing on their phones and exactly how much time they are spending on their phones. Users can also restrict their own usage of apps with Screentime.

Besides new features, iOS 12 also brings with it performance optimizations. Apple says iOS 12 will make apps launch twice as fast, reduce the time it takes to access the camera, and make the keyboard display appear twice as quickly as it does in iOS 11.

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