Apple recently released a statement announcing their new, free battery replacement program. If you follow Apple closely, this news may sound like déjà vu. Late last year Apple began offering free battery replacements for later model iPhones after news broke that Apple deliberately throttled the performance of older iPhones in their then newly-released iOS 11.

Apple’s new MacBook replacement program addresses the reports of expanding batteries found in 13-inch MacBook Pros (without touch bars). Using the link posted above, you can enter use to your 13-inch MacBook Pro’s serial number to see if your model qualifies for a free battery replacement. Apple offers a few ways for eligible MacBook Pro owners to access their free battery replacements:

  • Through an authorized Apple Service Provider
  • Through an Apple Retail Store
  • Through the mail via Apple’s Repair Center

Even if your MacBook Pro qualifies for a free battery replacement, Apple will not replace the batteries of any MacBooks with damage that would make a battery replacement difficult. If your eligible (but damaged) MacBook needs any repairs, or if you have any questions about battery repairs, you can visit any of our four locations—Kansas City, Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Topeka—in the Kansas City area.

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